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Dale R. Thorson, P.C.

Elaine Serna
I met Dale 17 years ago and he has been a God send ever since. He has gone the extra mile on my behalf as far as legal necessities are concerned. Dale is unrivaled in his legal knowledge and I will continue to refer him to both family and friends.

Kristyn Serna
My mother introduced me to Dale a few years ago to handle the release of my estate. She could not have chosen a more kind hearted and intelligent individual if she'd tried. Dale is excellent at providing legal insight and explaining it in terms that anyone can understand; he does so in such an incredibly down to earth manner that puts you at ease so you never worry about running up a clock (as is all too common with most attorneys). I would recommend Dale Thorson to any and all of my friends and family.

Cathy McIntosh
It is a rewarding experience working with Dale Thorson as an employee and I will always be grateful of his advice, his experience, and his demeanor as an employer. He gets to know clients on a personal level and when I'm handed a project, it is our priority that our clients are happy with our work. Obviously his experience sets him apart from the rest, but his methods alone are unique and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone.

Daylan O'Brien
Before I met Dale, I'd never met an attorney so in tune with his profession. He is genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of his clients and tries to find any way to save them time and money. He's helpful, down to earth, and especially informative.
Lois Kluge
We have known Dale Thorson for 25 years. We just were in his office to update our wills and trusts. He was his usual kind, patient, and informative self in helping us. We left his office knowing that he had our best interests in mind as he advised us. We definitely recommend his services.

Andrea Strong
My original contact with Mr. Dale Thorson was to do our estate planning. With very little knowledge on our part, we wanted an attorney that we could trust. Dale Thorson filled the bill. He walked me and my husband through the whole procedure, explaining everything clearly and had excellent suggestions. He is obviously a professional and down to earth attorney, very capable in his choice of specialties. I was so impressed that I brought my mother to him to update her living trust and will. My mom had problems with her short term memory and so was difficult to work with. He was patient and caring in working with her and making sure her wishes drove the process. I would highly recommend him!

Frank Hartley
I just moved my family to Arizona and in need of an estate attorney. I called Mr. Thorson after I called several different Attorneys. It was the best decision I made. He is very knowledgeable and does exactly what he says he will do. He is wonderful about responding to emails and spends as much time as you need answering all your questions. I will definitely recommend Mr. Thorson to anyone who is looking for an estate attorney, he is very professional and affordable. His staff also made us comfortable and very friendly.

Jan Toler
Dale is the best “two for one” advisor in legal, real estate, estate and tax matters that I have used in my lifetime. He took excellent care of my mother’s will, trust and planning and has done the same for my husband and myself. I trust Dale to always tell us what we need to hear even if it is not exactly what we want to hear. I would not hesitate to recommend Dale to anyone who wants common sense guidance in legal or tax matters. Thanks Dale.

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